King of the Hammers

King of the Hammers the most brutal race ever!!!

130 competitors with only 17 drivers finishing by 10 pm.           Broke a sway bar in the first 20 miles & took out the brakes.  Repaired this on the course as everyone passed us.  Battled more brake failures, over heating and a 2-3 hr log jam at Jack Hammer.  Without a rear sway bar the racer wanted to pull tires around ever corner.  It was a handful through the whoops.  Blew the front axle at Wrecking Ball & had to drive on three to the remote pit.  The Pit Crew hustled changing out the axle in record 30 mins.  Through all of the failures the team never gave up.  Thanks Keith, Tyler, Bob, Dave, Ryan, Kevin, Jake, & Sean.  We finished that bastard of a race!  It took us an hour over the official race time but we finished.  Take that KOH!!!  We will be back next year to kick its ass.

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